Nov 19


Digital Web has an interesting article up from yesterday that suggests an alternate method for structuring and organizing your CSS files. Based on the way many of today’s popular web application platforms, the technique steps into a middle man position between global and page-specific stylesheets.

Oct 14

Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 Now Available

The latest version of Firefox is now available for those early adopters out there. This beta release marks the latest big shift in the web browser. Improvements in this release include performance tweaks, new JavaScript engine and increased support for new Web standards.

Aug 07

Jeffrey Zeldman: King of Web Standards

Jeffrey Zeldman: King of Web Standards Not only is this a great article on Zeldman and his impact on Web Standards, but I even get a tiny mention in the slide show (#6) for a CSS Zen Garden entry.

May 02

Reset Reloaded

Reset Reloaded Eric Meyer has released the final version of his CSS reset styles.

Mar 21

Exploring Better Standards Support

Eric Meyer posts his thoughts on the announcement that IE7 will have improved standards support. He makes a very valid point that resounded in my head a bit before I decided to post this.

Mar 17

Internet Explorer Print and CSS

So I was helping a buddy of mine with a recent bit of client work that he was having an interesting issue with. He had just wrapped up a CSS based site that, when attempting to print from Internet Explorer (any version) on the Windows platform, crashed the browser. Immediately, I was intrigued and went [...]