A List Apart has just published issue #270. The first article, “Progressive Enhancement with CSS” is the second in a series from Aaron Gustafson. “Working From Home: The Readers Respond“, the second piece is a summary of results targeting those of you lucky enough to work from home.

Aaron Gustafson’s second piece in his series expands on the concept of multiple CSS files to maintain different aspects of your site’s presentation. Other topics in the article include targeting specific browsers without CSS hacks and employing the use of advanced selectors for additional effects.

Readers responses to an older article in issue #263 have been organized and echoed in what ultimately turns out to be a fine resource, as well as advice, for successfully working at home. You’ll have to excuse the metaphor, but this article hits home for me. Working from home a couple of days a week has proven a challenge in the past, but having employed some of the advice that this article presents should help me become more efficient and organized.